Retail questionnaires connect to POS (Point of Sales) systems.

Obtain vital client feedback on your products and services, and learn client insights with the help of questionnaires based on actual purchases!

Retail questionnaires integrated with your POS system

Contact us to see how Examinare and your POS system can work together.

Only Qualified Client Data

It’s all about high quality client feedback. To be able to make improvements to your business, you must be confident in how to get accurate data. We bring years of experience to help you: one major source of errors is when anyone (sometimes not even your clients) can respond to a questionnaire as many times as they want. But with Examinare's POS platform it's different!

Using our Retail Questionnaire system, you are fully protected from these problems, as every client is verified before they can access your questionnaire, and can vote only once.

Easy and Effective

Retail Questionnaires are an effective way of collecting valuable feedback, because clients usually keep receipts from the products they've purchased, at least during the warranty period. Baering in mind that mails often get lost in numerous messages that clients receive every day, then the Receipt Questionnaire System is for you.

This platform is also easy to install in your store. Examinare system binds to your POS system, and the process of gathering feedback is automatically integrated.

How Does It Work?

The client receives a normal receipt after making a purchase at your retail outlet. Based on the configuration of your Examinare system, your clients may be selected to take part in Customer Survey. The required information is printed on the receipt.

When your clients visit your questionnaire web page, they need to complete the required fields to be be included in the questionnaire These fields are custom made for all our customers. The data is automatically validated within your system, and if everything is correct, the client is permitted to start the questionnaire.

You should obviously give incentives for your clients to respond to your questionnaires using (for example) discounts, promotional gifts or contests.

So it’s a win-win situation both for you and your customers. They get might win prizes or get a discount simply for expressing their views, while you generate valuable business feedback and increase attention on your business.

Examinare's platform easily can be used to track the effectiveness of advertisements or marketing campaigns.

Use the QR code to make the process even simpler!

You can also print our automatically generated QR codes instead of a link to a questionnaire on your receipts, or wherever you like. This way any selected client can access your questionnaire with just one interaction.

Using the Examinare platform, critical business intelligence is as easy to collect as never before!

The compatible POS systems.

Most POS (Point of Sale) systems on the market are compatible with Examinare's POS Feedback Platform. We have worked with an extensive number of vendors since we built our platform in 2006. There are a few factors that we must know before we can confirm that your POS system is 100% compatible. W'll talk to your POS vendor, so you won't need to deal with the technical complexities.

Our consulting team provides a complimentary service to establish compatibility. Please contact us today for more information.


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