Restaurant Client Satisfaction Dashboard (RCSD)

Use the voice of the customer to understand what business improvements need to be made, in order to generate better margins.

Make critical business decisions based on scientifically collected client feedback, not on hunches.

Link your client questionnaires to your business goals, and analyse their vital feedback data to grow your business.

Avoid bad public reviews on social media

Avoid bad reviews and rumours to spread by actively performing regular client questionnaires. No food business in the world can deliver perfect service, but learning what needs to be changed will empower you to become more creative and be fully booked every night.

Obtain critical business intelligence on how to improve your profit margins

Your clients expect a certain quality level - if you don't deliver it, a change of product or service is required to improve margins and make it possible to increase repeat business, as well as new social bookings like weddings, social functions, etc.

Place your order, and we'll deliver

When you invest in a Restaurant Client Satisfaction Dashboard from Examinare, all you have to do is tell our consulting team about your business model and processes. We will do the rest for you. Our services include:

  • Creation of the client questionnaire.
  • Provision of technical solutions.
  • Training on how to interpret the questionnaire results to improve your business.

How can the client respond to your questionnaire?

A good time to ask clients to respond to a questionnaire is when they have enjoyed their food and stay for coffee. The client will be able to answer the questions on a tablet in real time. After the questionnaire has been done, it's a great idea to treat your clients to a complimentary drink.

If you want your clients to be complete a questionnaire at home, for example after busy times, you can easily achieve this by activating the “Answer at home” function, where you enter their e-mail, and your clients can respond later at their convenience. Questionnaire completion should be rewarded when the client returns to your business.

Meet Food Evaluator, Examinare's online feedback platform for Restaurants and Cafés.

With Examinare's Food Evaluator platform you can quickly create a Client Satisfaction Questionnaire for your restaurant or coffee shop. You just need to setup the questionnaire and load Food Evaluator on your tablet or smartphone.

Visit Food Evaluator website here.


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