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Examinare can help you create your next website questionnaire.

Examinare's Website Questionnaires is a platform of technologies in one place. Many people see Website Questionnaire as a pop-up on a website, where visitors are asked to answer the survey on the spot. This isn't the only of performing website questionnaires, so we have put together two different ways of helping our clients with Website Questionnaires.

Since Examinare's platform is created entirely in-house, we can modify and evolve new functions quickly. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a special request, and we will do everything we can to meet your project budget.

Online Website Questionnaires for your Customer Zone.

Website Questionnaire can be used inside your customer zone or as part of your website. Here we can help you conduct a questionnaire when a client (for example) cancels a product / service or perhaps what prompted them to place more orders.

Also, we can add a questionnaire reminder by email within the next four days after the client has cancelled the product.

Online Website Questionnaires for Research Purposes.

Creating a questionnaire website for research is one of the many services that Examinare offers for customers. You can use your questionnaire website to add new people to take a test or answer a couple of questionnaires in a research project. When the recipients are added into a group, they quickly get access to the questionnaires by logging into the website.

Examinare's platform can also optionally send out a reminder of the surveys that the recipient hasn't done yet. A popular add-on to website surveys is automatic reporting on both individual responses or group reporting. We cater for both Adobe PDF and MS Word reports, and the whole website can be hosted on your domain/subdomain without showing Examinare’s website (also known as white label website questionnaires).

Online Website Questionnaire for e-commerce solutions.

Understanding your customers' buying patterns is regarded as critical business intelligence. If you discover what your visitors are looking at, and have a detailed database of their interests and needs you can achieve far more targeted buying patterns on your e-commerce websites. We also enable e-commerce websites to do post-sales questionnaires and also welcome questionnaires for new clients.

The questionnaire results can then be analysed in conjunction with with your big data system to create new sales opportunities for your existing client base. We can also help you to determine potential problems in your e-commerce system.

Custom-made systems.

All organisations have different requirements regarding their website questionnaires. We would love to help you determine about your requirements by tapping into the years of experience that we have built up. We are happy to work for you on a fixed budget, so before we start any project, you will know what you get for your investment.

Please contact us now about your next website questionnaire project to secure a great future for both your project and your organisation.


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