Employee Satisfaction Questionnaires.

Most of the time your clients interact with your company through your front line employees. This could be severely impacted if your employees have unmet expectations that you don't know about, or are dissatisfied with their working conditions.

There are many reasons why organisations should use Employee Satisfaction Questionnaires.

Our professional services team are here to help you when you have decided what to do.

Unhappy employees impact your business operations in unpredictable ways.

Most of the time your clients interact with your organisation through your front line employees. This communication could be severely impacted if your employees have unmet expectations that you don't know about, or they are dissatisfied with their working conditions.

Unhappy employees generally aren't loyal to your organisation, and you risk losing them. Sometimes your employee may leave you to work for one of your direct competitors. Furthermore, unhappy employees may result in unhappy clients or lost business.

It costs money to lose good employees.

The direct cost is when the organisation invests time and money to employ and train a new employee. The indirect cost is the potential loss of new orders or even clients. Since it takes time for the new employee to become competent, your client's loyalty may start to diminish.

You can be proactive and avoid the unnecessary expense of hiring and training new people. The first step is to issue employee satisfaction questionnaires more often. Conducting employee questionnaires every six months (or even every three months) will help you spot employee problems earlier, and avoid unnecessary expense.

Happy employees are more productive and represent a good investment.

As an employer, you have to be on the lookout for ways to improve your business. One aspect of this is to regularly check how your workforce is doing, and whether they are satisfied with their working conditions. The first step is seek their feedback, and then to listen no matter high small an issue may seem to the management team. The reason that it's important to deal with small issues quickly is to stop these turning into much bigger problems that could cause good employees to leave your organisation. In addition to this, you might uncover challenges in your company that you were not aware of. Therefore you should treat this as a golden opportunity to improve business operations. Afterwards it is obviously best if you follow up with employees to see if the problems have been resolved - this way people feel as though they have been listened to

Employees are the most important asset within an organisation. Happy employees generate better margins, which is most easily proven in the Sales Department.

Clients are attracted to organisations who look after their employees.

Organisations who care for their workforce have a smaller staff turnover and also find it easier to fill vacancies. If your workforce is happy to work for you, so does everyone else, as your reputation grows. Also remember that clients are attracted to organisations that have a satisfied, stable workforce.

When you have made your decision, start gathering workforce feedback today!

Examinare provides a sophisticated, easy-to-use platform for creating your workforce feedback questionnaires. Since we provide all the technological components that you need to collect feedback from your workforce, you are now in the position to be the best employer your employees can wish for. Take visible action on any issues that are revealed by the questionnaires, which helps to make your workforce feel they are a valued part of your team, and that you care about their welfare. Examinare's professional services team are here to assist you and provide answers to your questions and any issues that you may have. We make it our core business to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.


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