Encuesta de clima laboral

When customers interact with your company, most of the time the customers interact with your employees. When employees do not feel like the company is not meeting their expectations about their place of employment, this will be reflected by the employees’ communication with your customers.   Unhappy employees will be not be loyal to your company, and they will take the first offer they can to change their employment. In worst case scenarios, employees can leave and work for one of your main competitors. Moreover, since your employees are the people interacting with your customers, this may cause your business to lose customers.

For every employee lost, your company loses money. The initial loss occurs when the company has to take the time to train a replacement employee. The second loss can be a loss of customers. Since the new employee cannot clone himself or herself into their successor in a heartbeat, the customer’s feeling of safety will start to fade in your company. Instead of spending every third month training new employees to take over positions old employees held, you should be more proactive. This means your company should send out employee satisfactory surveys more often. Conducting a survey every sixth months (or even every three months) will help you spot problems before the problems result in a loss of manpower.

Happy employees are good, productive employees. As an employer, you need to be pro-active. This means you should follow-up with your employees. It is important to listen to your employees even if they give bad feedback, despite how minor the issue may seem to you. The smallest detail needs to be corrected. By correcting the issues your employees bring up, you rasie the motivations of your employees. Additionally, your employees have taken the time to mention issues in the survey. It is your responsibility and an invitation for you to address the problems and find ways to fix the issues. When the issue is handled, follow-up with your employees after a month or so to check that the issue is truly corrected and your employees are satisfied. Employees are the life and blood of your organization. If they are happy, you will be happy, especially when you take a look at the amount of sales they generate.

Companies that care about their employees will never have a problem getting more employees. If your employees want to work with you, so does everyone else, especially your customers. Customers are attracted to companies who want to take care of them. Furthermore, when an employee smiles at the customer when they interact, your clients will feel welcome. That is a feeling that never fades.

Examinare provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution for creating your employee feedback surveys. Since we provide all of the technology you need to gather feedback from your employees, you can use that time to be the best employer your employees can have. Take care of the problems your employees mention in your surveys. Make your employees feel special because you care about their issues. We care about your business. That is why we will always be here when you need help or have questions and concerns. We make it our business to provide the best possible solution for your organization.