Feedback Services offered by Examinare.

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Solutions for CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

CSI “Customer Satisfaction Index” is one of the easiest and most powerful tools you can have in your surveys and questionnaires.

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What Questions to Ask in Your Customer Survey?

We often receive questions from our customers and prospects, what questions should they ask when they send out customer surveys? Read some of the answers on your questions.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

You choose the way we interact with your customers and we gather the customer satisfaction for you. Some of the available methods are E-mail, Postal, SMS or Phone Surveys.

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

When customers interact with your company, they do it most of the time with your employees. Unmet expectations of employees in your company will effect customer communication.

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Market Research by Examinare.

Market Research is one of the most used practices to collect information and plan the future of new products, services or reinvent already positioned products or services.

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Project Follow-up Surveys.

Follow-up your projects with help of Examinare tailored Project Follow-up Surveys. We have solutions for every business structure and budget.

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Public Polls by Examinare.

Public Polls are used for many parts of a public opinion project. It can be a part of an initial study, larger field research or election measuring.

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Enterprise Satisfied Customer Surveys.

Satisfied Customer Surveys Projects that Examinare provide to the Enterprise Section. We specialise to add the multilanguage functionality to the Enterprise Feedback Market.

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