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Public Polls are used as parts of public opinion projects. Polls can be part of an initial study, larger field research or election measuring.

Affordable Public Polls.

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Public Polls.

Public Polls are used in public opinion projects. Polls can be part of an initial study, larger field research or election measuring. Examinare has the knowledge and technology to turn your public polls into statistical numbers that can be used for measuring public opinion. As many of our client projects are under a non-disclosure agreement, we have gathered only some of the technologies and services we at Examinare have to offer.

If you feel that your project differs from what we have described, then we are sure we have the custom solution you are looking for. Let us know by filling in the form for price quotation.

SMS Polls.

SMS Polls is one of the most cost-effective ways of conducting a Poll. Recipients can send their answer by SMS to a local number that we supply and our software will calculate your results in real-time. All results can be traced back to the voter's number, and we have the ability to make sure that every number can vote only once.

Automated Phone Voting.

Phone voting is a good alternative to SMS Polls. Recipients can call a local number and vote by pressing 1-9 on their phone. Phone voting can be limited to certain area codes. We can also avoid multiple votes from one number. The total number of votes is similarly adjustable.

Website Polls.

Website Polls are used on public websites and are a helpful complement to ordinary polls. We do however not recommend using website polls in a study, but merely as a tool to find an initial public opinion. Website polls can be used by everyone with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Custom Polls project.

We can help you combine the methods to find the best solution for your project. We operate under strict non-disclosure agreements and will keep details of your project secret. Our Polls project consultants can help you if you need to validate your results.

Let us know about your project and we will make sure we can deliver it within the available budget.


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