Join Examinare Partner Program.

Team up with Examinare Sales Organisation and become a reseller for Examinare Services and Products.

Join the feedback revolution.

In addition to the money, we are very fun to work with!

Partnerships 3 Levels of Success.

We at Examinare believe that if you do what you love, then you will not work a day in your life. To qualify for one of our Partner Programs, you will need to pick a certain level of commitment and the level of your sales skills.

Let us introduce the different levels of our Partner Program.

Sales Partner Level.

If you would love to sell Examinare products, but you do not have any expertise in the field, then apply for our Sales Partner Level 3. You will get training and help on building quotations. You will earn 25% on all sales regardless of the service we provide to your clients.

Integration Partner.

Examinare enables Developers to implement extensions to the Examinare Framework with the help of Examinare API. You as the extension/integration developer will get paid for every new customer that you provide Examinare with.

We offer lifetime commission on every customer you provide for Examinare.

Country Partner Program.

Examinare provides your Organisation the opportunity to become a Country Partner. Country Partners have their first-line support structure and get a part of all customers active within that country or region.

All Country Partners undergo a large set of tests and training. If you want to join the Country Partner program, contact us today.