Market Research by Examinare.

Market Research is one of the most used practices to collect information for planning the future of new products and services or for reinventing them.

Market Research Globally and Locally.

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Market Research with Examinare.

Market Research is one of the most used practices to collect information for planning the future of new products and services or for reinventing them. You will need a reliable partner that can supply both the technical solution and knowledge for conducting a great Market Research.

Since many of our clients have a non-disclosure agreement with us, we have focused on describing the parts of a Market Research project that we can discuss.

Survey Data and Survey Planning.

A Market Research project is as good as the contents of the survey. We typically say: “You get the answers you asked for.” Due to this, the research needs to be planned in detail and with high precision. Without correct planning, the project can produce false data that can lead to unnecessary action.

You can rely on Examinares Market Research planning to make sure your Market Research leads to valuable results. In addition to planning, we can provide you with data collecting solution.

Collecting Survey Data.

We help our clients collect data for market research both online and in-person. We do in-person data collection mainly in Scandinavia, Europe, and Thailand. Online data collection is done across the globe. Our online data collection is unique because we create a new focus group for every project and we do not rely on survey panels where we cannot guarantee the background of the persons answering the market research.

Collecting Survey Data is a premium product and has individual pricing depending on your requirements on answers and quality measuring points. To make sure you get a good quote, please contact us for a short free consultation.

Data analyzing.

We can help you with analyzing the data you have collected regardless of the research provider. Our professional consultants are highly experienced in analyzing quantitative and qualitative data. When you hire Examinare for data analysis you will be impressed at the outcomes. We make sure we help you make useful conclusions from the data that you have collected.

For all Businesses and Budgets.

A market research is designed for the product and the company behind it. We focus on providing a tailored service for the best competitive price possible. Now that you have read up on why we are different, it is time for you to contact us to get a price quotation. Contact us by filling in the form below and please fill in all fields to enable us to give you an accurate price and service.
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