Track Service Cancellations and Unsubscriptions.

Why Cancel is our one-stop shop for getting the real facts on why your customers are canceling your services or unsubscribing on your business e-mail marketing.

Stop thinking...

Get the real facts on why they cancel a service or newsletter!

Track when a Cancellation or Unsubscription occurs.

Why Cancel tracks all service cancellations and unsubscriptions. According to a set of pre-made settings, we will gather information about what services were canceled and reasons why the cancellations were made.

E-mail invites and Reminders are automated.

E-mail invitations are automated, ​and reminders will be sent if the customer has not responded after a set amount of days.

If there is a need to send e-mails under your domainname, then this service is available as a feature.

Online Reporting is automated and includes CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) calculations

Why Cancel will compute all the answers and show you the results in black and white. It is now time for you to act on them and get fewer customers to unsubscribe. Do not know what to do? Ask our consultants to help you get fewer cancellations.

Why Cancel is perfect for tracking cancellations of contracts.

Why Cancel works ideally for service companies (SaaS or equal) where the customer can cancel the service online. If you have a normal subscription service like electric or water service, then Why Cancel can help here too. We have done integrations for numerous diverse systems.

Newsletter unsubscriptions can be tracked automatically.

Unsubscriptions can be peaking for different reasons like rebranding for example.

When readers stop subscribing to your newsletter, there is always more than one reason. Including Why Cancel to your canceling flow, you can include a survey with the questions you find valuable, not the questions your newsletter provider thinks are good to know.

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