Automatic Training Course Evaluation.

Evaluate your training course with easy-to-use automatic satisfaction surveys software. Class Evaluator is the training course evaluation software made by Examinare.

Training Course Follow-ups available globally.

We help you get the most out of your Feedback.

Import all participants and send out survey invites.

Your imports are done within seconds and the invitations are sent with or without a delay. You can import all participants and send out survey follow-up for up to 14 days.

Remind automatically and get access to results in real-time.

Class Evaluator will automatically remind the participants to answer your follow-up survey. Participants that have already answered will not get a reminder to answer again.

Act on business information and get help to make progress.

Class Evaluator’s own business consultants will help you to make improvements according to your business goals. We also have additional business consultancy services, if you require any help.

Class Evaluator can be customized to fit your needs.

Class Evaluator is available in 2 versions, Basic and Custom-Made. The Basic version is included in the Survey Tool Package we provide and is developed with new ideas according to popularity. If you need some of the functionalities changed, you will get faster help with the Custom-Made version of Class Evaluator.

Class Evaluator can be implemented into intranets.

Class Evaluator Custom-made version can be implemented within your company intranet. This way only your intranet users can access Class Evaluator functionalities. As Class Evaluator program is being run on our servers, your users will experience fast local loading speeds.


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