Feedback Solutions for E-commerce.

We help you to get automated customer feedback with integrations to your e-commerce system. We make tailored integrations for your e-commerce platform regardless of provider.

Make sure your customers are happy with your service.

All parts matter in your customer experience with you. Make sure you are asking them what they experience good and bad.

Automatic Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires.

With the amazing Examinare Survey Technology we can help you set up Automatic Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires according to your needs and wants. While other vendors has limitations, we work around all these traditional limitations together with you in an non-technology way. Most of our customers are not tech people, they are Human Resource Managers or Support Managers. We know how to make the best solution for your organization to measure and get better at servicing customers both internal and external.

To give you a more clear idea on what we can do, here are some of the solutions we have both inside our Survey Tool and other solutions that we have tailor-made for our customers. We know that you might have special needs beside others that are shown here and we welcome you to contact us so we can tailor a solution for your organization!

Zendesk follow up Questionaires.

In our Examinare Survey Tool, we have a scanning integration that will scan Zendesk for tickets marked Solved for a period of 3 days. In the end of the Questionnaire the recipient will get a thank you page, at the same time all answers are pushed back to your Zendesk Custom Fields.

We also have support for multiple languages according to your needs. A function that is not available inside other vendors’ Survey Tools.

Prestashop Automatic Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire.

We build custom integrations to Prestashop together with your supplier of Prestashop hosting. In our integration inside Examinare Survey Tool we scan all orders that are marked as shipped and send out automatic Customer Satisfaction Surveys according to your settings.

All Follow up questionnaires can then be analysed inside Examinare to check the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) among other details. We also construct export functions to return details to Big-Data platforms, where you can see customer trends etc. – Automatic Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires simplified.

We have been in the survey business for over 10 years and long time ago we have discovered that small businesses are often lacking customer satisfaction questionnaires and also the lack of time is often the big part of it. Therefore we have constructed, a very easy and powerful solution that is included in all Examinare Unlimited accounts. We also offer special discounts, if you have a government funded project or a Kickstarter project.

Want to integrate feedback into your own developed E-commerce store?

Most of E-commerce stores starts with an already built solution and then moves on towards its own developed E-commerce store. This change can mean many changes in the technical connection for all feedback related areas and can result that feedback are not prioritized.
We are here to help you prioritize the feedback by giving your real developer support and if the time is a commodity then we can help you with a developer resource to implement the Examinare API functions right in your platform.

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