Airline Service Quality Measurement Service (ASQMS).

ASQAS is more than just a Survey System, a Questionnaire or even a Tabletsystem, it is a partnership between Examinare and your airline. We build your internal and external follow-up flows according to the industry standard you need. 

Ongoing every month you have a market research team that works with you with internal surveys like Employee Satisfaction Surveys, external questionnaires like Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Support Follow-up Questionnaires and Tablets in your Check-in Counter.

More than just a Questionnaire.

With Examinare you will not only get a team of knowledgeable Professionals, planning and the tools according to where you are right now. You also have a monthly communication with your team in Examinare that will plan and conduct your Surveys. Examinare will act as your own Feedback Team.

Benefits on our Airline Service Quality Measurement Service (ASQMS).

Your own Team of Professionals
We create, follow up and write the reports according to measurement points you have.
All technology fees are included
With our ASQMS you are paying for getting results. We solve all the technical setups and planning.
Monthly status meetings
We will work closely together with your company and your Human Resource and Marketing Team.

Trusted Worldwide

Price Quotation

Price Quotation

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Airport Feedback Systems.

The only solution on the market that can be implemented anywhere without any costly special integrations or hardware.

Your airport is missing out on valuable feedback!

How was your experience with the service at the check-in counter? Did you arrive with the same smile on your face as you had at the airport? How did you arrive at the airport? How was the transportation to the airport? What additional services would you like to see inside the airport? Would you choose this airport again? How would you grade the facilities?

What are the benefits?

Get answers to questions and more without sizeable IT investments. These are some of the benefits that the system offers:

Check-in form for easy distribution.

Upon check-in, the traveler is asked to give his phone number to the staff for a follow-up questionnaire.

The system will also set a few background parameters that help administrators to see what station was using the form at that time.

SMS (Mobile text) or E-mail invitation messages.

The questionnaire is sent to the traveler’s phone or email address, and he can answer it when he has arrived safely at his destination.

If the traveler has not answered the questionnaire after a set amount of days, the reminder email/SMS can be sent automatically.

Reporting is designed for the airport.

Reporting is done directly inside our system and can be followed in real-time. The results can also be shown on info-TV solutions inside the central office (also in real-time of course).

Integrations are available for gate based reporting or can be based on crew members working at the check-in station.

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