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We believe our first responsibility is to our users, whether they are people providing the feedback or the people requesting it. As a global provider, we must continuously strive to make all parts of our services simple, localized and evolve our services along with the changing needs of our users.

We must strive to fill all customers’ needs by improving integration between our services and 3rd party applications and by creating external solutions to build a bridge between what exists today and what needs to exist tomorrow. We want to guide you to tomorrow’s adventures through gathering feedback globally.

Examinare – to examine, evolve and supply feedback while keeping users in focus.


November 2005

It all started when one of our main customers wanted to create a survey that could be conducted on the web and on the street. We created a data mining platform for this project.

The name of the project was Examinare.

June 2006

Launch of Webservice Examinare.

After Examinare project had been finished, we got more clients who wanted similar service. TV4 (Sweden) and Bang & Olufsen (Denmark) were among our first clients.

January 2008

Mobile Survey Technology.

We at Examinare were one of the first offering a special survey technology that could be used on any mobile device. The same technology for all mobile devices has remained until today. Not only smartphones.

March 2008

Translation to all Scandinavian Languages

Examinare was translated into Danish, Finnish, Norwegian from its original Swedish & English.

June 2008

Introduction of Examinare API

We knew from the start that APIs were a safe way of extending Examinare's survey technology in the future. We have a robust API since 2008, which is being constantly extended.


Examinare AB was started and first integrations made.

Examinare AB was started and became the new owner of Examinare Survey Tool, transferring the ownership from the Swedish web agency IT Kroonan. Examinare AB created the first three integrations for Examinare Survey Tool. These integrations (now called extensions) were for Fortnox, MailChimp and Dropbox.


Extended API & Integrations

During 2010 and 2011 the Survey Tool and the Examinare API was extended. The system and websites were translated into a total of 14 languages.


Integration project in Australia.

Examinare was handpicked by a big HR-company in Australia to provide them with a new platform for one of their validated tests. The project was delivered and is now used as a cost-effective way for online testing.


Wide range of new services.

Examinare's suite of Tools was extended with 14 new software solutions, including Mystery Shopping Modules, Clinic Evaluation solution and Dashboards. There are more than 28 languages supported, including Arabic and Icelandic. Our popular extension for service follow-up communication for Zendesk was introduced.


We give you a quotation.

Today we hope to get the pleasure of giving you a quotation and sending you a proposal that will let us provide you with the best solution, and start a collaboration for many years to come.

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