360 Degree Feedback Survey ( Up to 5 Groups and 1000 People)

With 360 Degree Feedback Survey Multiple Groups will be surveyed about their individual manager and the results will be analysed by us with guarantee of keeping the individual feedback totally anonymized. All the consultants who have the access are under strict Non-disclosure agreement terms and the data will be removed in a safe way after analysing.

The content of the Survey will be tailored according to your team after a scheduled interview has had taken place. The end report will be made available only to the contact person which makes the order.

This project includes the following:

- We create the questions for you after a scheduled interview.
- We create and send out the Questionnaire.
- We send out up to 2 reminders by email.
- We deliver a detailed report only to your contactperson.
- NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) will be signed between you and Examinare before the interview is made.

Delivery Time: 5-8 weeks after the interview has been carried out. Normally the interview can be carried out within 2-7 days from the day of the order.

(Delivery Time is estimated, but accurate in 95% of all cases)


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